Monday, October 10, 2011

Yeah...I did that.

So this morning my best friend and I were having a discussion about one random thing or another and this topic came up to us when you say you aren’t going to do something and then you end up doing it anyways, or you just have one of those moments where you say or do something completely idiotic and you can’t help but think to yourself, “Yeah. I did that.”

Of course that made my creative light bulb go off in my head and I started thinking about a list of things that you try so hard not to do, and then you’re like “Yeah…I did that.”

1.   We had trouble with our air conditioner at work, and when the guy who was supposed to fix it stuck his head in my office door to ask if it was cool in the office, I responded with “No, It’s Thursday.” Yeah…I did that.
2.   While walking through the grocery store I bumped into a display of laundry detergent, I politely apologized and said “Excuse me, sir.” Yeah I did that.
3.   When I was 14 Katrina and I were attempting to sneak out of the house for Valentine’s Day in order to spend it with our boyfriends at that time…so we gave my mom the excuse of “Katrina and I are going to the drive in movie theater” in order to justify staying out late…but little did we know that the drive in was closed for the season. Yeah We did that.
4.   Last night Sean and I were watching Saturday Night Live, and the musical guest was Foster the People. Sean proceeded to pronounce ‘people’ in the following way – pee-oh-play. Yeah, he did that.
5.   My parents had a sack of peanuts at their house surrounded by sand. After asking why there was sand around the bag, and being explained to me that peanuts in fact grew in the sand, I chimed in with, “I thought they grew on trees!” Yeah, I did that.
6.   Sean had just made dinner for us and I took my Styrofoam plate and sat it down on the burner of the stove that did NOT have anything on it so I could get the last piece of cornbread and put on my plate, but my plate proceeded to make a horrendous sizzling noise as it melted to my food because apparently he had been using that burner and it was still hot! Yeah I did that.
7.   My father in law was talking about his garden and the veggies he had planted and mentioned something about pickled okra…and I assumed, and vocally let it be known, that I was surprised how there was a special type of okra that just magically grew already pickled! Yeah, I did that.
8.   Katrina, my absolute best friend ever, was telling me a story about someone who was clearly a “pot-head” as the youth these days like to call it, and without thinking said something about, “I just don’t want to smoke Ganja.” Luckily she has me as a friend, who called her out on her obvious 90-year old crabby lady mistake and laughed. But you know the drill. Yeah, she did that.
9.   While Katrina and I were riding in the car listening to music, a rap song came on the radio that I had never heard and I really liked it actually so while I meant to say “This is alright!” My inner gangsta came out and said loudly, “That’s AIIIGHT!” Yeah I did that. We still laugh about this one, actually.

So I only have 9 of these so far because for some reason the whacky formatting on my blog indents number 10 WAY far into the paragraph instead of keeping it lined up with number 9 and that drives me bonkers!

10.                SEEEEEE?! The formatting is so off! Oh well I have another one! So one of my friends was out with the girls and they were like “You should leave your number for the waiter!” and my friend was like “No! No! Way I could never ever do that! Oh my gosh!” And she did it. Haha. Left her number. Yeah, she did that.

But now I am completely addicted to coming up with this list of “Yeah, I did that” things. I’m thinking they will definitely become a Twitter special which leads me to my NEXT saying which issss…..

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OH! Before I forget, because I do that a lot!        

We are getting ready to move this weekend, exciting I know! But things are going to be kind of hectic and there are a lot of changes that I am going to be making ALONG WITH possibly starting a vlog for YouTube! Even MORE exciting right?! I will fill you guys in as everything happens, but yeah! That is basically it for now!

Peace out home-skillets!

Is it just me or was this font ridiculously tiny??? Damn formatting.

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