Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Padded Toilet Seats and Peas & Carrots

WOW! It has been a while (once again) since I found the time to post a blog! So lucky you…you will get TWO blog posts combined in one! So exciting right? There should be a warning label on this level of excitement. J
So I have come to the realization that the hubby and I are the textbook definition of an old married couple. And oddly enough, we are both ok with it. Today is Saturday…and instead of getting up and going and doing something fun, we were up at 7:00 a.m. getting ready to go grocery shopping. And what was the main “golden” item on our grocery list that we needed to rise at the butt crack of dawn for you ask? A PADDED toilet seat…no pun intended. Yes, the hubby was complaining about the toilet seat that came standard on the toilet at the new house, so he has been begging for a new one. Finally, I broke down and we went to Wal-Mart to purchase said necessity. There were many options to choose from, wooden toilet seats, toilet seats with gaudy butterflies and frogs on them, regular cheap plastic toilet seats, $30.00 toilet seats…it was every butt’s Mecca. So after standing there for a good 5 ½ minutes, literally having a DISCUSSION about which one would be the best options for our tushies, Sean decided on a padded toilet seat. To me, they sound like a semi truck letting out the brake pressure whenever you sit down on them because they are deflating, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I also associate padded toilet seats with older people…I guess because every grandparents house I have ever been to, my own included, had at least ONE bathroom that had a padded toilet seat in there. So to me, this is a milestone in our relationship…going toilet seat shopping together as a family.
On another note! A few weeks ago, we were up once again at the butt crack of dawn on a Sunday morning, and we were laying in bed watching infomercials. It just so happened that one came on for The Baby Bullet…I of course was instantly hooked. It is a blender with a smiley face on it, who wouldn’t be. There is actually a lot more to it than that…it is a system basically that allows you to make your own organic baby food. After watching the infomercial for about 15 minutes we finally decided that it would be a good investment to make. AND BOY WERE WE RIGHT! I have been making Fisher’s baby food for a couple of months now and he loves it, and I love it even more. I know exactly what is going into his food, and where it is coming from! It is super cute, and really simple to use. I can make an few weeks worth of baby food in about half an hour! Seriously, parents it is amazing. I have posted a link to the website, any of you Moms out there that are considering making your own baby food, check it out! It is amazing. http://www.babybullet.com
I’ve also got some really great recipes for baby food that Fisher loves that I have come up with on my own, plus the Baby Bullet comes with a great little cookbook that comes with it, and an even bigger cookbook you can purchase extra, which I highly recommend. It comes with recipes that go all the way up into toddler age groups.
Plum Good Yogurt ‘Smoothie’
                   1 Plum – Peeled & Pitted
                   1 Apple – Peeled & Cored
                   ½ Banana – Peeled
                   2 Tbsp. Vanilla Yogurt

Make sure all of your fruit is cut up into small cubes to make blending easier. Combine all of the ingredients into your baby bullet batch bowl, or blender if you don’t have the baby bullet just yet! Remember, if your baby is just starting on solid foods, you want to make sure their food is a smooth consistency, in order to achieve that consistency hold the baby bullet down for 10 seconds, or until everything is well blended and you do not see any chunks of fruit left. If everything is blended, and the consistency is still a little too thick, you can add apple, or pear juice to thin it down. If your baby is eating chunkier foods you want to pulse the baby bullet until their food is at the right consistency for their stage of eating! You can also pour these into Popsicle trays and freeze for your toddlers! They make a great summertime snack!
Sweeter Sweet Potato & Corn Casserole
                   1 Whole Sweet Potato – Peeled & Cooked
                   1 Small Can of Sweet Cream Corn
I prefer to use canned cream corn for this recipe, it makes it so much quicker and I just make sure to read the label and make sure there are no additives in it. Buying organic is also a great way to make sure that there aren’t any nasty things in your baby’s food. If you prefer, you can cream your own corn. Make sure your sweet potatoes are nice and soft and cut into 1 inch chunks. Combine the sweet potato and can of creamed corn into your batch bowl and either hold it down for 10 seconds or pulse it, again depending on what stage your baby is at. Warm in the microwave for 10 – 15 seconds and serve!
          Those are two of Fisher’s favorite recipes that I thought I would share with you guys. I will have more to come, because let’s face it…Fisher is a little piggy and LOVES to eat, so I have come up with some pretty snazzy combinations! J Also remember, that if your baby is just starting out eating solid foods, to introduce their foods to them one flavor at a time, so you can weed out any allergies they may have. Once you are sure which foods they can and cannot have, you can start combining flavors and keep your mind at ease!
          What exciting blog posts right!? I’m pretty jazzed. I have a marketing work to do tonight along with making dinner, cleaning AND folding laundry…and of course, watching my new favorite show…Glee! J So hopefully it won’t be another month before I post again!
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