Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love...

This blog is dedicated to my three most favorite people on the planet! Sean, Jack and Fisher…my boys J Never in my life have I had a more amazing Valentine’s Day.
Friday night the roads were still kind of crummy but we HAD to get out of the house before Mommy went stir crazy. So we went and picked up my Valentine’s Day present from the mall and I got them early! I got a beautiful diamond necklace and an even prettier ruby & diamond ring. *Sigh* My man has such good taste. I’ll post pictures of the goods. After that we grabbed some much agreed upon Subway and went home and cuddled on the couch.
Saturday morning we got up early and had the whole day to ourselves while the boys were at the babysitters and grandparents houses. We went to Fay-town and hit a thrift store and pulled some shenanigans…don’t worry, I’ll post pictures of that too! Then we went to lunch at the Catfish Hole – UH MAZING. I got a steak, and it was the most ginormously delicious steak I have ever had. It was literally about 2 ½ inches thick and about 8 inches long. Of course I only ate about half of it before I had to make myself stop. Then…OH THEN…I got the second half of my present…Justin Bieber. No, not the actual Bieber. But I did get to go see the movie, and my amazing hubby-cakes actually sat through it with me. There were about 100 pre-teen girls in the theatre with us squealing every time Justin’s smiling face lit up the screen and then the few adult women who were in the theater squealed louder when Usher showed up on the screen. Because let’s face it...he’s Migh-T fine. After that we came home and lounged around watching movies until both boys came home, where we proceeded to fill ourselves up with massive amounts of ice cream and brownie fudge. J PERFECT Saturday.
Sunday, we did nothing. Absolutely nothing, we barely even answered phone calls or got off of the couch. Finally we had a birthday party to go to at 4, so we managed to get up off of our lazy butts around 3 and head to do that. We went to this place called Jump Zone which is every parents DREAM. It has about 9 giant inflatable jump areas in this huge warehouse where you pretty much just pay $6.00 to let your kids go run off every ounce of energy they have. Brilliant. So of course Mommy had to climb up the 25 foot pirate ship slide and go down it. And let me tell you, it was not easy. It was a straight up climb, with my jeans falling down and a little girl behind me telling me to hurry up because I climbed to slow. But the payoff was well worth it. You literally zoom down the inflatable slide into an even giant inflatable wall. Most. Fun. Ever. We also went ahead and gave the boys their Valentine's Day presents, Jack of course got candy, a few little toys and some glow in the dark stars for his ceiling. Fisher, was much more excited to get his little soft puppy dog cuddler. I call them cuddlers. They are actually tiny little blankets that don't actually cover them up. They just cuddle with them...hence the name. :) That's copywritten by the way.
Monday, I went and got Sean’s Valentine’s Day present, because I was a little behind on doing that, and after the events that took place on Monday – WHOLE OTHER BLOG COMPLETELY! I had plenty of time to do some shoppin’! He has been dying to learn the guitar, so I went to Ben Jack’s, our local music store and got him this awesome Fender starter kit for an outrageously great price and now he has been practicing like crazy.
I took pictures of all of our rad presents - they are below!
Sean's Awesome Guitar :)
My GOREGOUS Necklace
My OTHER Gorgeous piece of jewelry – My ruby ring!
All in all, I have to say it was a pretty awesome Valentine’s Day.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Never Underestimate the Power of Wishes...


I think I may have prayed a little too hard for this snow…because now we are drowning in it…20 inches at least, to be more exact. But the weather station is calling for more than that. 

So I am taking this time to publicly apologize for wishing too hard for snow. I honestly had good, somewhat slacker-like intentions in mind when I wished that hard. Swear. I only wanted 3 or 4 inches – just enough to give me a day at home. 

Now I am sitting here watching the local news waiting to hear from the hubby about when he will be able to come home – IF and that is a very big GINORMOUS “IF”, he can even make it home. :( If he can’t make it home I am going to be devastated. I hate being home without him, and I really hate the idea of him being stuck down in Fayetteville, away from me and the boys. Ugh. 

I am going to say it is time to officially take an oath…

“I, Mama, solemnly swear, to never wish for snow again, except around Christmas time when it is appropriate. Furthermore, I also promise to never EVER complain about Summer again, which I know is somewhat of a lie because when it is 100 degrees outside I will inevitably complain…but here’s to trying.”

 I do believe it is time for pictures of Snowmageddon 2011 – Don’t you? :)

The Prediction
The Cupcake Trampoline
The Grills with Snow Hats
Goodbye Swingset
Where’s the Road?!
Cupcake Trampoline May Break Under the Pressure
My Survival Tool
Well, there you have it…and we STILL are not finished yet! I’m going to say that it is a pretty safe bet that Sean will be staying with his parents in Fayetteville. I am SO ready to buy a house down there I can’t even stand it anymore. But that is a blog for another day…or another hour, since I am definitely going to be stuck inside for a while. 

Everyone stay warm, safe and sane. Hopefully we thaw quickly.