Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Letter for a Single Dad, Not Currently Laughing.

 Dear Dan,

You don’t know me. You’ve never read my work or followed my blog. But I read yours. That’s the funny thing about writers, you don’t even have to know someone is reading your work – just putting it out there is enough.

So this morning when I woke up and stumbled for the first cup of coffee I thumbed through Facebook like any good Millennial would and I saw your post.

I don’t have the answers to your questions – they aren’t the questions you really want answered anyways. But I have some words for you, they’re not much but I hope they ease your mind.

A breakup, no matter how big or small, mutual or messy, starts a grieving process. Just like the grieving process you work through when death comes knocking at a door. Emotions are high, questions start being asked “What if…Maybe if I…” and all of that, no matter what anyone says, is ok. You have to feel those emotions, Dan. Let them in no matter how much they hurt to think about. Work through the grieving process.

So get mad. Get upset. Yell and write and cry. I won’t tell.

And when you’re done, at the end of the longest day of your life, know that you have a completely random stranger pulling for you.

As always,