Sunday, June 1, 2014

Burn Baby Burn.

I always keep miniature tea bags in the freezer....they are super handy for healing elements - bloody lip, surgical wounds, burns etc....I highly encourage all parents to do this. They've come in handy for me on more than one occasion!

I also always keep honey on hand. Mostly because it's delicious, and like tea bags it has very medicinal qualities. Local honey also helps with allergies and all kinds of stuff.

So today when Fisher burnt his thumb and aloe vera gel, burn spray and other chemical remedies failed to bring him relief, I created the ultimate home burn relief.

So for all the moms with tiny humans I thought I would share!

Homemade Burn Remedy
1 dampened tea bag - mine are caffeinated black tea but any natural tea will work

Apply a generous dollop of honey to the damp tea bag and apply directly to the burn. You can wrap light gauze around it to hold it in place.

I wrapped a chilled wash cloth around the whole thing instead so it wouldn't get too sticky and it would provide a little extra relief.

You can change it out every 4 hours or so.

The best part is that both tea bags and honey are natural burn relief agents on their own, so of you have one or the other it should still provide relief.

*Disclaimer. I am not a medical professional I just share what I have found that worked for my family. Don't take my two cents as anything more than that. Use common sense.

Also, I am not knocking chemical based medical remedies - in fact I use them! Especially after working out and my muscles are in need of some serious Bengay action.

However, I am finding that as we lead a more natural lifestyle there are home remedies out there that are overlooked and underestimated that actually work BETTER.

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