Monday, October 21, 2013

Xbox Hate Crime

Dear Husband,
It is because I love you I say this, so please understand...

I am awake an hour and a half early because the loud obnoxious sounds of GTA5 scaring the life out of me at 4:39 in the morning...and you curiously laughing to find out if someone shoots a line of gas while you pour it out if it will light on fire like in real life. It does?! That's fabulous and I am so glad you cleared that up! Your happiness is everything to me, love your smile.

I also understand that we work different schedules and you are up while I am asleep. But just so you know...when I don't get my sleep I cannot be expected to be a functional member of society.

So if you come home and the xbox is just magically *poof* in the washing machine and I am sleeping soundly, you will know that I did it for our marriage, your sanity, and so I can sleep and dream of Daryl Dixon fighting off zombies while singing me Disney show tunes in a edgy new-rock way.

Just saying.

I love you and hope you sleep well today while no one is home.

Hide the xbox.

Love always,
A very sleepy wife